February 28, 2010

Wing Zone

Get in the Zone ....Wing Zone... Who's lazy? Who hates leaving the house in this aweful weather? Me and if you like traveling in the snow there is something wrong with you unless you are the wingzone delivery guy. The wingzone delivery guy, in my book, is cool and better have a postal person attitude. Make those deliveries in rain, storm and snow. Anyway.....what's better than eating wings at a pub.......having them brought right to your home. And the best part is, they are actually very good.

I hit up the nuclear hot, buffalo blue, honey mustard, spicy bbq and the garlic parmesan. I wanted to try and grab as many flavors as I could that were similar to O'Neils in Maspeth and see who rated better. O'Neils is still better but for delivery and not having to travel to Queens...worth it. First let me get into the nuclear. Damn hot, crazy hot. I wasn't able to eat four in a row. They weren't kidding with their slogan its like having a firecracker in your mouth. Not that I would know what a firecracker in my mouth would feel like. Imagine the guy that did that. Yep, I just lit a M-80 in my mouth, gotta go to the hospital and that would be a great name for a hot wing. Keep in mind he probably wrote that because if he actually did do that it would probably sound like hffhfmmfhyfufjmfhfyffyfyujmyh (mumbles, if you didn't get it).

The other flavors were very good as well. The honey mustard was covered with suace as well as the garlic parmesan, the spicy BB and the buffalo blue. The garlic parmesan were good but only for about 4. Any more than that it got old. The buffalo blue were good but it defeated the point in getting a hot wing and dipping it into the blue cheese. The spicy bbq were awesome. You could eat 20 and they wouldn't get old. Just the right amount of spice and bbq. The wings were medium sized and very tasty. Wingzone offered a variety of ways to order. It ranged from 7, 10, 15, 20 30 50, 100 or more. In addition, you can order them online, pay online and not have to phone it in. Awesome.
I give them a B plus.

February 26, 2010

Mustang Sally's

324 7th Ave.
New York, NY 10001

A good friend of mine was in town last week and we were going to meet and do some catching up after work. After a few texts back and forth, he told me he'd be at Mustang Sally's in Chelsea on 7th and 28th. I'd been there a few times. Its close proximity to Penn Station/MSG makes it a good jump off, or a place to kill some time before you catch the next train heading out of town. I had never been there for wings though.

After a beer or two, we decided to order some food. We only had to peruse the menu for a minute before deciding on an order of wings. We ordered, and they promptly brought out a plate of traditional buffalo wings. I was very pleasantly surprised with the quality. Meaty and well cooked. A heavy coat of thick, flavorful sauce. Nice amount of heat, but not over the top. We turned our plate of deep-fried treats into a pile of bones in minutes. Still hungry and pleased with the last batch, we asked for another order of wings. They again came out pretty fast and we took care of business.

I guess because I've always associated the area around Penn Station with a place to start and/or end your night, not spend it...I never really considered looking around there for good wing spots. Lesson learned. So, if you're in the area - whether you just got into the city, are heading out or just happen to be in the neighborhood - Mustang Sally's is worth checking out. As a side note, McSorley's was on tap and they were running a promotion. The bartender was giving away those little half pint mugs they serve their beers in at their location in the East Village. I love free pint glasses, especially when you don't have to have someone tuck one into their purse for you.