About Us

The Wingmen.  

They officially got started in July of 2009, but have been reviewing wings together since the mid 90's.  Jeremy, Jody and Steve have known each other since middle school and have been as close as brothers since high school. They got started on wings at a place called Big Barry's in the Lake Grove/Centereach area of Long Island.  On Monday nights they'd go there with a half dozen other friends, watch Monday Night Football and devour plates and plates of hot, medium and mild wings.  They remember Mondays as $.03 wing night, so $3 got you 100 wings... but nostalgia can be kind, it could have been more than $.03 per wing.       

When Big Barry's sadly closed, rest in peace, they found another wing stronghold called Mike's Place in Coram, NY.  I cannot tell you how many nights they spent and plates of wings they decimated in that place, because they just don't know.  One of their buddy's father was part owner, but at times, it was like they ran the place.  Filled with friends and townies, they had some fun times.  The wings were a variation of your traditional hot sauce and butter flavor, but they added some secret ingredients to make you come back for more and more.  Sadly, Mike's in Coram has also closed, but it is survived by Mike's Place II in Mastic.  

As they got older, all three ended up living in or near Bayside Queens and thanks to Jeremy, found Brian Dempsey's.  Located on Bell Blvd., Dempsey's was famous for it $.10 wing night with $3 domestic pints.  They could not help themselves.  They were there almost once a month or more.  Dempsey's has good buffalo wings and good teriyaki wings, and even their BBQ wings are decent.  But it was not the wings so much as the camaraderie that kept pulling them back to Dempsey's.  

All three of them were at Dempsey's (now $.20 per wing, inflation stinks) in July of 2009, eating wings, talking sports and just happened to start talking about how long they'd been eating wings together and the many stories they could tell if they could somehow get published.  One of them suggested starting a blog and Steve ran with the idea.  Over the next few days and weeks, they had an established blog on Blogger/Blogspot, a Facebook page, a Twitter account and a logo (Thanks to Steve's brother Jeff).  They got to work and since then have published dozens of blog posts including a few short audio and video posts, are Featured Publishers for FoodBuzz.com, a social networking site for foodies, and have attended the National Buffalo Wing Festival in Buffalo, NY.  

So that is who The Wingmen are.