June 29, 2010

The Brews Brothers

40-09 Bell Blvd.
Bayside, NY 11361

Ok... so I guess I pick up where Steve left off in the last post. If you haven't read about the first half of the night, click here and read up. I'll wait.

So by now you know we had a pretty rocky start but were able to salvage the night by visiting Bourbon Street. I really liked these wings because of the cajun spice that was dusted on top of them. It really gave them a unique flavor and set them apart from the rest of the pack. It's not that they were necessarily better, just more memorable than the dozens upon dozens of traditional Buffalo wings we've had. I guess we could have stopped there, but we instead decided to push our luck. With such a tough start to this wing expedition, we wanted to finish strong and get another location in. So we settled up and headed directly across Bell Blvd. to Brews Brothers, right next door to the infamous Johnny Famous.

Sadly, Brews Bros and Johnny Famous shared more than just an adjoining wall. There were actually a lot of similarities between the two bars. First, they are probably the only two bars on Bell Blvd. with ropes out front and bouncers checking ID's. Like I said in the Johnny Famous review, this isn't the Meatpacking District... it's Bayside. There are no lines to get into these bars. Lose the ropes. No need. They even stamped our hand on the way in. Really? There were like 6 people in the bar. What's the stamp for? Now, in their defense, I did read an article that says they were shut down for a little while for serving alcohol to minors. So I guess we need to give them the benefit of the doubt here. They're probably just abiding by the ol' CYA rule. Whatever. We made fun of it for a second and got over it. We made our way over to the bar, checked out their extensive beer selection (they don't have a shelf of bottles displaying their beers, they have a whole wall) and ordered some wings. This is where the similarities continued.

I haven't had my hand stamped since college.

The wings came out and we got down to business. They were breaded, which isn't traditional but I have to say, it's growing on me. But the flavor, not unlike Johnny's, was another one of these ketchup based sauces. Booooo. What is with this? This is like the third or fourth place we've been where the sauce tastes ketchup based. I just don't get it. Are there people out there that like it this way? Seriously, if any of you know the taste I'm talking about... have had it on wings... and like it, let me know. I'm honestly curious. I mean, it's pretty straight forward right? We're not talking about a complicated recipe... just mix some hot sauce with some butter and you're off to a great start. You can improve on it from there, but the hot sauce and butter alone is a totally acceptable recipe. At this point, Buffalo wings are so mainstream that I'm sure you can just buy it by the jug at any restaurant supply store. There's no need to go with this sweet ketchup nonsense. I wonder if they asked Johnny Famous for advice. Hey Brews Bros., I'll give you some advice: Ask someone else. Go across the street to Bourbon Street, or down the block to Dempsey's or any of the other myriad bars within a 5 block radius.

They looked promising...

It wasn't all bad though, there were a few redeeming qualities. They were pretty meaty and nice and plump. They were crispy on the outside and, even though we ordered mild (they come in hot, mild and BBQ), they had a nice amount of heat to them.

Maybe the highlight of the night though, was when Steve dropped a wing on his freshly pressed slacks. It was one of those things that seemed to happen in slow motion. He raises the wing to his mouth to take a bite, bobbles... bobbles... tries to recover... it slips... rotates in the air... bounces off his crotch (leaving a nice stain)... and finally lands on the floor. Always sad to waste a wing.

Click the pic for a larger view.

It's been an up and down kind of night up until this point - a real roller coaster of emotions - so we couldn't end on these wings. We wanted to finish off strong. Being so close to Dempsey's, which was our regular wing spot up until we started this blog, it was tough to fight the urge to go back. We hadn't been there since we started blogging about wings, you know, for variety's sake. What a perfect way to end the night. Bartender: check please.

By the time we got to Dempsey's, we were already getting pretty full. But we needed to rid our palates of that sweet, ketchup-y excuse of a sauce. We needed an order of teriyaki wings. They did the trick. What better to get a sweet taste out of your mouth than an overload of salt? And Dempsey's does it right every time. There's a nice reservoir of sauce at the bottom of the bowl to roll your wings around in, making sure they get a nice, full coat. Always nice to head back to the ol' standby... we missed you.

So, overall, it was a pretty good wing adventure. We got a little lost and ate a few bad wings, but we also had some really good ones too. Most importantly though, we had a bunch of laughs and a good time. And that's what it's all about, right?

June 24, 2010

Bourbon Street Cafe

Bourbon Street Cafe
40-12 Bell Blvd.
Bayside, NY 11361

Jody and I set out on what we though would be an early Wednesday evening. We started at 6:30 and had plans of hitting two bars that serve wings, giving us two reviews and be home no later than 10 or 10:30 PM. Jeremy was stuck at work, so he couldn't join us. We had a location too, we were going to hit Brian Dempsey's in Little Neck. Some of you may remember Brian Dempsey's from our first review almost a year ago, but that one is in Bayside. This one is a few miles away, but owned by the same folks.

After helping Jody put an air conditioner in his bedroom window, we set out for Little Neck, found a place to park, headed into the bar and ordered a couple of drinks. We then looked around the place an noticed how much smaller it was than its Bayside counterpart. It also is not quite as nice. There is a pool table and dart board, so it has that going for it. We then noticed something else, a severe lack of menus or anything advertising food. I asked the bar tender if they have a kitchen and her response was, "we used to, but not anymore." I really wanted to know why, but I didn't ask. We closed Jody's tab after 1 drink each and headed out the door. That is what happens when you assume something... you make an Ass out of Jody and myself (since it was my idea). It is now 7:00 PM, Strike 1.

We then decided to hit a spot that we knew served wings, but still wanted to do two reviews. So we decided to hit McFadden's in Corona, NY. I knew it was near Citi Field and we headed in that direction. The GPS on my Blackberry said it was on the corner of Roosevelt and 111th Street. So we mozied in that direction. We drove around for quite a while and then decided that my GPS was wrong, which is not too uncommon. It is now just after 7:45 and we have swung at Strike 2.

Jody's GPS, which is on an iPhone, sent us to 104th street and 41st avenue. Not too far from where I tried to get us, so we went there. We drove around for a long time looking for a place to park and when we found it, we set out on foot to find this mysterious McFadden's bar. We walked for about 3 blocks when we realized that his GPS was wrong as well. We just hoped that his car would not be on cinder blocks when we got back to it. After getting back in the car, getting flipped around in the chop shop laden streets of Corona, we were quite discouraged and set off back towards Bayside. It is now 8:15 PM, we have not found wings and still have no idea where Mcfadden's is located (It is AT Citi Field, Home of the NY Mets, and just opened this season. Having gone to only a single game, I did not even know. I do now.)... Strike 3, we are out!

By just after 8:40 PM, we end up on Bell Blvd in Bayside with broken spirits and empty stomachs. What a mess of an evening. Two hours and ten minutes after we started out on this journey, we finally find a place that serves wings! Bourbon Street Cafe to the rescue and that cannot be understated. We sat at the bar, watched the Mets shut out the Tigers and ordered up some beer and their Buffalo Wings. It felt really good to just be sitting down and enjoying good cold beer... at least mine was good, Jody's Bluepoint was less than desirable, like they had not changed the keg in a very long time.

Bourbon Street, as you may be able to tell, is a bit of New Orleans in Bayside, Queens and everything about the place screams Mardi Gras. There are beads at the tables, bright mask decorations everywhere and people flashing you left and right (ok, I made the last part up, but it would be nice if they did). The place is quite big and has a nice sized bar with plenty of table seating for more private dinners. The front of the place opens to the street, so you can see the crowds moving about Bell Blvd. There is usually live music at least a few nights a week and this was true when Jody and I walked in. The solo guitarist did a good Bob Marley (complete with Rasta dreadlock hat) and a pretty bad Rob Thomas, but even Rob Thomas is a pretty bad Rob Thomas, so I won't hold it against him.

I know what you are thinking... why the eff has he not spoken about the wings? I am getting to them. We ordered the Buffalo Hot Wings and did not have to wait too long for them to make their way to the bar. They showed up piping hot, and scalding to the touch. They looked a lot like regular buffalo wings, but there was a dry spice sprinkled all over them, the celery and the plate. After tasting it alone, I recognized it as Cajun spice, similar to what I tasted on the Buffalo Grille's wings. The Cajun spice, added to the buffalo sauce, was a killer combination. They had a good amount of bite to them without being too spicy. They were large wings, well cooked to a crispy outside and juicy center. Bourbon Street makes a mean wing and I suggest trying these when you are in the Bayside area.

Look at the steam coming off those wings! Those are hot Hot Wings!

Bourbon Street also is decently priced. The wings cost $7.95 for about 15 and the beer didn't cost too much either. The wings and four beers ran about $30.00 plus tip. You can do a lot worse in Queens. So after failing to find food at Dempsey's in Little Neck, failing to find McFadden's in Corona and losing 2 hours of the evening, Bourbon Street Cafe replenished our energy and Wingmen spirit. We then moved on to Brews Brothers Bar, and Jody will fill you in on how the rest of the night went.

June 23, 2010

Canz a City Roadhouse

40-11 30th Ave

Astoria, NY 11103


For those of you who read this blog often, you know we already visited the Canz out in Westbury. Recently, they also opened a location in Astoria, Queens and we had to give it a try.

Right off the bat I liked this location better. First of all, it's in Astoria which means I didn't have to drive anywhere. I'm a fan of public transportation, especially when drinking is involved. Second, it has one of those storefronts that completely opens up - giving you the feel of sitting outside without having to bake in the sun. There was also another outdoor section in the back (sans TV's though). It was a perfect day for Wings Al Fresco. One odd similarity was the waitress. What are the chances of having the same waitress the only two times you go to two different locations? Probably pretty low, but we had the same girl as last time. I believe Steve called her "less than polite" in the earlier review. I'm happy to report that she was a little happier this time around - a bit frazzled at times, but friendly none-the-less.

The open, airy eating area in the back.

We ordered two different flavors from the last visit - Asian and BBQ - and made sure to stay away from the Dirty Canz wings. Hey, I'm willing to try a lot for this site, but I'm not dumb.

The Asian was ok. They were cooked really well and had a nice amount of meat but were a little on the dry side. They were really similar to the Teriyaki, which I guess makes some sense. Overall, pretty forgettable.

The BBQ was totally surprising. By now you probably know about our indifference towards BBQ wings. It's pretty well documented. Most of the time we just stay away from them, unless we're out of flavors to try. Well these were, by far, the best I've had yet. I loved them. They were plump, well cooked and coated in a nice, thick and gooey sauce. They weren't overly sweet like most BBQ tend to be. They actually reminded me a lot of the BBQ chicken I grew up eating off the grill in my back yard. Steve wasn't able to make this outing, but I texted him to tell him I actually liked a BBQ wing. He didn't believe me. He'll just have to make the trip and try them out for himself. If anything, these wings inspired me to expand my horizons in the BBQ category. I'm now looking forward to places like Virgil's and Dinosaur BBQ, which I'm sure will blow Canz away.

If you're looking at what I like to call the "full spread photo", you may be asking yourself, "what are those things in the middle?" They are the Canz Buffalo Bitez, a boneless chicken "wing". I know, I know... it's not a wing if it doesn't have a bone in it. Steve, Jeremy and I actually had a talk about these guys and decided to ban them from the site. We just didn't feel right about them. However, BJ (a friend of ours that I was with this night) ordered them kind of spur of the moment. I didn't know they were coming. But, with apologies to the traditionalists, I liked them. They're crispy, tasty and obviously their meat to bone ratio is unbeatable. I'd eat them again and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

The full spread shot. Yeah, those are boneless "bitez" in the middle.

So yeah, maybe this place is a little schticky. A modern day Hooters. But the wings are actually pretty good and worth giving a shot. They also have all the games on and a huge selection of beers both on tap and in cans, er, canz. It rides the line between chain-y franchise and cool neighborhood hangout, but I like Canz and I'll probably be back.

June 16, 2010

Lisa's Buffalo Grille- Part II

Lisa's Buffalo Grille
65 Broadway
Greenlawn, NY 11740
Maps and Directions

Back on May 19, 2010, I visited Lisa's Buffalo Grille and tried their Honey Mustard and Hot Wings and I was impressed. My wife suggested that we grab Buffalo Grille for dinner and since I said in my first review that there needs to be a trip back there to try their other flavors, I agreed with her suggestion. So, in honor of the Season Premier of Man v. Food on the Travel Channel, I ordered up 24 wings (less than half of what Adam Richman will try to tackle tonight in Boulder, CO at the Wing King Challenge). This time I went for 12 Teriyaki and 12 Cajun wings. My wife went for her usual, a mild Buffalo Chicken Wrap sans bleu cheese, with fries.

Again, I grabbed our food to go (Lisa's was not as busy as usual, but my couch is more comfy than their chairs) and headed home with my Jeep smelling like chicken wing heaven. I sat down in front of the TV, popped on the Man v. Food marathon and started in on my 24 wings. They looked amazing! My wife took one look and decided that she needed to try one. She grabbed a teriyaki and then a Cajun wing. I am not sure how 1 wing turned into 2, but it happened so fast, I couldn't stop it.

I started with the Cajun wings mostly because I was intrigued. They are dry wings. No sauce. Just a Cajun rub generously coated over all of the wings and cooked until they are super crispy. As you are eating a wing, the Cajun seasonings pop in your mouth. The garlic powder, cayenne, salt, paprika, onion, thyme and pepper explode off the wing and just create a symphony of flavor on your palette. The Wingmen have not had Cajun wings before and Buffalo Grille has made me excited to try them wherever we can find them!

Look at that sauce-less pile of wings, fait bon i bon memm!

I then turned to the teriyaki and was not disappointed here either. Although not as drenched in teriyaki sauce as I normally enjoy, they were cooked perfectly. Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside and a sweet teriyaki coating made the second half of my dinner as enjoyable as the first half. The juxtaposition of the sauce-less Cajun spiced wings with the sweet Asian sauce of the teriyaki wings made for an amazing dinner. I have to thank my wife for the great dinner suggestion!

mmmm.... Teriyaki goodness!

If I had any knock on these wings, they were a bit small. I chowed through 22 wings in no time. That many wings is usually a struggle for me these days, but not tonight! I think Adam's challenge on Man v. Food tonight inspired me to eat them all and eat them all fast!

These wings didn't stand a chance!

My wife usually loves the buffalo chicken wrap, but tonight she was less than impressed. I think it may have had something to do with how good the wings she tried were. After dinner she said, "next time, we are just going to order some wings." Is there a better endorsement than that? My best friend and the biggest Wingmen supporter campaigning for an all wing dinner!

I am not going to say weather Man or Food won the challenge tonight, so if you missed it, check it out on re-runs! All I will say is Adam, The Wingmen salute you!

June 10, 2010

Woodhaven House

Woodhaven House
63-98 Woodhaven Blvd.
Rego Park, NY 11379

Agendas, folders, pens and even products that are conducive to eating wings.....set. A few weeks back, the Wingmen were finally all together and hungry. Initially, our outing was set for Octoberfest in Atlas Park. As soon as we got there, the kitchen was closed. Even the Tommy Boy sales pitch didn't work.......Wingmen want wingy's. Talk about fat guy in a little coat, we were starving but no wings. Octoberfest....you suck!

Anyway, we venture to Woodhaven House. The bar is actually known in Queens for their burgers but we knew they served wings. Once seated, we were given menus that did not offer any wings. The waitress came back, she stated that they were on the lunch menus and that they only offered one flavor. According to the waitress, it was a mixture of hot sauce and bbq sauce. Overall.....they sucked. They were meaty but too much like Johnny Famous. In other words, booooooooooo! Not worth it. The only highlight of that outing was that the waitress actually thought we were having a business meeting. Ha, imagine.....getting paid to do this. She offered to move us to the next room because the band was about to play. That was our cue to leave.

We did, however, try out a wing product. They were finger tongs to keep your fingers and hands from getting sloppy called Trongs. You can read the Trongs review by clicking the link or looking at the post from June 03, 2010. My vote, no freakin' way. I told my wife about them and she questioned my manhood. Let this be said, I am a Wingman and I like it sloppy... wings too!

June 09, 2010

Top Bunz

337 New York Avenue
Huntington, NY 11743

Steve and I play on a baseball team together - yes, baseball... not softball. After having our asses handed to us by a team with an average age of 51.5, we needed to drown our sorrows in some beer soda and wings (we walked around Huntington Village at noon and none of the bars were open - weird).

After wandering around for a few minutes, we came up to Top Bunz (which used to be American Roadside Burgers). The sign on the window advertised hot wings so we decided to give it a go. It's sort of a retro, ode to the drug stores and soda fountains of the 50's and the burger definitely has top billing. We had a gut feeling and instinctively ordered the wings as a side instead of the main course. We rarely ever do that, if at all, but it ended up being the right move. I'm not saying these wings were inedible. I'm just saying that they weren't the type of wings that can stand on their own as a main course.

The full spread. The wings do not dominate this table.

The wings themselves were kind of reminiscent of something I'd expect from a TGiF or Applebee's, maybe even a Wingstreet or something like that - kind of fast food-y. They were breaded and could probably be put in the same category as 1849 or Hooters, but a few rungs down on the quality ladder.

On the positive side, they were cooked well and had a pretty good amount of meat on the bone. The sauce was a traditional hot sauce and butter mix with a nice peppery flavor. It was a tasty sauce and the wings were drowning in it.

Mmmm. Look at that pool of sauce.

Overall, I don't think this is a bad place to go grab a bite for lunch. It's definitely not a wing destination - and at over $1 per wing, they weren't a bargain either - but the burgers were ok and the rest of the food looked pretty good. If you're wandering around Huntington Station at noon on a Sunday, you could do worse than Top Bunz.

June 08, 2010

Dillingers Pub & Grill

Dillingers Pub & Grill
46-19 30th Ave.
Astoria, NY 11103

One of the pubs on our ever growing list of your recommendations is Dillingers in Astoria. Spots that were recommended by you guys are usually my favorite. It means someone has already been there and liked the wings enough to suggest them to us. It's a much better system than flying blind.

Well Jimmy Junior, thanks for the heads up. Dillingers is a great spot to dig into some wings. They have a Tuesday night special with 25¢ wings and $10 pitchers starting at 6 PM. There are four different varieties: buffalo, teriyaki, BBQ and Dillingers. I was immediately intrigued by the Dillingers sauce - nice, something different. Just as quickly, I dismissed the BBQ - save it for the ribs and brisket. I ordered one plate each of buffalo, teriyaki and Dillingers (don't worry, I had help).

It wasn't all perfect, so I'll start with the bad. The Buffalo was a bit dry. They were cooked alright but they just didn't have enough sauce. I feel like there are two ways cooks can go here. They can put the sauce on before the wings hit the flames, or they can toss them in the sauce after. I prefer them to be tossed after, but these seemed to have been prepared the other way. You can see in the "after" picture, there are still plenty of wings left on the plate.

The Buffalo weren't terrible, but the other flavors were much better.

Now that that's out of the way, on to the teryaki. These were much better. The sauce itself was on par with most teryaki sauces out there, but they were coated much more thoroughly. To me, if you don't have to lick the sauce off your fingers or at least go for a napkin before you pick up your beer then there's not enough sauce. Unless of course you're a Trongs user, then that theory flies right out the window. These passed the test. They were also nice and crispy without the meat being dried out. Overall, a good wing.

Don't worry. I took care of that last teriyaki wing after I snapped this shot.

How about the namesake wing? They're probably the best of all three. The flavor was tough for me to place. I'm on the fence between a carefully constructed concoction of garlic, citrus, a little sweetness and possibly a touch of Thai seasoning - OR - they just took all of their sauces and mixed them together. Either way, I liked it and it was refreshing to have something different. I'd recommend giving this sauce a try.

Sorry, the light wasn't great. Luckily the new iPhone has a built in LED light!

Anyway, these are the Dillinger wings.

Although the wings were definitely a plus, the real draw of Dillingers is the pub itself. It's the model local neighborhood pub. It's small, laid back and had a welcoming vibe. They had good beers on tap and all of the food coming from the kitchen looked great. The service was an A+. Everyone was very friendly. Flat screen TV's played all the local teams in action. What else do you need?

We crushed the Dillingers flavored wings... whatever they were.

June 03, 2010

Product Review: Trongs

Trongs: Finger-Food Utensil
"Get A Grip On Finger-Food"

While eating at The Shack, I spoke with a woman who worked for a local cable company and she started telling me about her about her food website (which is still not live) and she introduced me to a product called Trongs. She met the guys who invented them and gave me a pair to try out and review. I was intrigued, but a bit skeptical. These little plastic fingers look like fake vampire teeth that tweens wear when they see a crappy vampire movie. Skeptical or not, I had to give them a try.

They are made to keep you fingers clean while eating wings (or ribs), but isn't part of the fun getting dirty? Licking your fingers clean? Using a wet-nap? The Trongs Website addresses this by saying, "There will always be people who will eat wings using their fingers, just as there are people who have yet to appreciate the benefits of e-mail and cell phones. The reality is that getting your fingers dirty is annoying and is probably the main factor in the thought process that leads to the decision to not go out for wings. Eat with Trongs and enjoy wings wherever and whenever." All I can say is we'll see.

Trongs in use, my fingers are clean.

1- They do keep your hands clean as you eat the wings.
2- They are made well, so you can really get a good grip on the sauced up, slippery wing.
3- I can answer my phone, shake hands or grab a drink without transferring wings sauce onto any of the aforementioned items.

Jody's "there's no way in hell I'm using
these" face.

1- You look like a TOOL with them on your hands. Big orange fingers? What am I, a Muppet? As Jody and Jeremy eloquently pointed out, I looked like a "nerd" using them.
2- I like getting my fingers dirty and, Trongs inventors, I have been using a cell phone and e-mail for a very long time. You don't order wings when entertaining clients or on a blind date, but other than that, fingers can get dirty eating.
3- Now that you are finished eating, the Trongs are DIRTY. What am I supposed to do, head into the bathroom and clean them off? I would be better off washing my hands! I mean, I don't bring my own fork/knife/spoon to a restaurant, why would I bring these?
4- Let the phone ring, just say hi and lick your fingers before you grab your drink. Your hands do not need to be spotless for any of these things and awhile back, someone invented napkins for this purpose. When did napkins become obsolete?

Trongs are made to minimize the mess of eating hot wings, ribs and other finger food while dining out. And they succeed at doing do so. But, just because something works does not make it a good idea. Looking like a complete tool, using a wet-nap and having to cart home dirty utensils completely outweighs clean hands and not having to lick my fingers and use a napkin before I grab my cell phone. This is just another invention out there that may be seen on TV late at night for insomniacs to purchase. I just don't see people stopping before wing night to reach into their utensil drawer to grab their Trongs.

The website goes on to say that these can be used in food prep, like breading chicken cutlets, this I can see a lot more. With food born illnesses out there, having a sanitary way to work with meats that also gives you the use of your fingers is a good idea. Latex gloves do the same thing, but most people don't have boxes of latex gloves in their homes. So if you get a free pair, use them when making chicken, if not, a fork or some tongs (no "r") will do just fine.

If you are into odd little gadgets, then enjoy. If you own a bar and want to have these as an extra utensil for patrons, that may be a good idea too, but I sure as hell won't use them. As far as The Wingmen are concerned, this product is: Grounded.

June 01, 2010

Bar 89

89 Mercer Street
New York, NY 10012

The next stop on my recent tour of SOHO brought me to Bar 89 on Mercer St. just South of Spring St. I knew nothing of this place when I first set out, other than it was nearby and served wings. When I first walked in, I thought I might have had the wrong place. As you can see by the picture, it's not exactly the type of place that you would expect to find wings being served. It felt more like a chic loft club than anything that resembled a pub. I felt a little out of place and underdressed, luckily I ordered them to go.

What really attracted me to this place was their combo platter. Once I see that on a menu, I'm sold - LOVE the combo platter. Bar 89's platter included all three flavors of their wings: Buffalo, Dragon and Buck'N Wings. The combo platter also comes with a side of waffle fries, which I thought were a pretty nice touch.

The buffalo were nothing special. They were a bit on the dry side, not very meaty and could have used more sauce. They seemed a little saltier than most Buffalo sauces I've had, but I actually liked that.

The Buck'N Wings, described on Bar 89's website as a teriyaki and spice glaze, were also a little on the small and dry side. The sauce is tough to judge because, like the Buffalo wings, there wasn't a whole lot on the wing. From what I could tell, it was a pretty average teriyaki sauce.

The Dragon Wings, which Bar 89 calls "full of the Orient", were easily the best of the group. They had two things going for them, in my opinion, that made them the clear winner. First, they were larger which means they weren't dried out in the middle. Instead, they were plump and moist. Second, they had a much more generous coating of sauce. I like that for the obvious reason of stronger flavor, but I also like that the excess sauce burns just a little and gives it that nice char flavor that we're always looking for. Flavor wise, these were a little sweet. Not quite as sweet as BBQ or Honey, but definitely toward that side of the spectrum.

Although the service was good and the maitre d' was friendly, I just don't see this place being a go-to destination for wings. Just the fact that I just typed "maitre d'" on a blog about wings seems a bit odd. There is pub grub on the menu but the surroundings are anything but... and the prices reflect that. I got about 30 wings and it set me back 40 bucks. The rest of the menu was just as pricey.

If you have to satisfy a craving for some pub grub, but need a trendy, chic environment then this is your place. If not, I'd recommend just hitting one of the numerous other pubs in the area.