June 10, 2010

Woodhaven House

Woodhaven House
63-98 Woodhaven Blvd.
Rego Park, NY 11379

Agendas, folders, pens and even products that are conducive to eating wings.....set. A few weeks back, the Wingmen were finally all together and hungry. Initially, our outing was set for Octoberfest in Atlas Park. As soon as we got there, the kitchen was closed. Even the Tommy Boy sales pitch didn't work.......Wingmen want wingy's. Talk about fat guy in a little coat, we were starving but no wings. Octoberfest....you suck!

Anyway, we venture to Woodhaven House. The bar is actually known in Queens for their burgers but we knew they served wings. Once seated, we were given menus that did not offer any wings. The waitress came back, she stated that they were on the lunch menus and that they only offered one flavor. According to the waitress, it was a mixture of hot sauce and bbq sauce. Overall.....they sucked. They were meaty but too much like Johnny Famous. In other words, booooooooooo! Not worth it. The only highlight of that outing was that the waitress actually thought we were having a business meeting. Ha, imagine.....getting paid to do this. She offered to move us to the next room because the band was about to play. That was our cue to leave.

We did, however, try out a wing product. They were finger tongs to keep your fingers and hands from getting sloppy called Trongs. You can read the Trongs review by clicking the link or looking at the post from June 03, 2010. My vote, no freakin' way. I told my wife about them and she questioned my manhood. Let this be said, I am a Wingman and I like it sloppy... wings too!

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