June 16, 2010

Lisa's Buffalo Grille- Part II

Lisa's Buffalo Grille
65 Broadway
Greenlawn, NY 11740
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Back on May 19, 2010, I visited Lisa's Buffalo Grille and tried their Honey Mustard and Hot Wings and I was impressed. My wife suggested that we grab Buffalo Grille for dinner and since I said in my first review that there needs to be a trip back there to try their other flavors, I agreed with her suggestion. So, in honor of the Season Premier of Man v. Food on the Travel Channel, I ordered up 24 wings (less than half of what Adam Richman will try to tackle tonight in Boulder, CO at the Wing King Challenge). This time I went for 12 Teriyaki and 12 Cajun wings. My wife went for her usual, a mild Buffalo Chicken Wrap sans bleu cheese, with fries.

Again, I grabbed our food to go (Lisa's was not as busy as usual, but my couch is more comfy than their chairs) and headed home with my Jeep smelling like chicken wing heaven. I sat down in front of the TV, popped on the Man v. Food marathon and started in on my 24 wings. They looked amazing! My wife took one look and decided that she needed to try one. She grabbed a teriyaki and then a Cajun wing. I am not sure how 1 wing turned into 2, but it happened so fast, I couldn't stop it.

I started with the Cajun wings mostly because I was intrigued. They are dry wings. No sauce. Just a Cajun rub generously coated over all of the wings and cooked until they are super crispy. As you are eating a wing, the Cajun seasonings pop in your mouth. The garlic powder, cayenne, salt, paprika, onion, thyme and pepper explode off the wing and just create a symphony of flavor on your palette. The Wingmen have not had Cajun wings before and Buffalo Grille has made me excited to try them wherever we can find them!

Look at that sauce-less pile of wings, fait bon i bon memm!

I then turned to the teriyaki and was not disappointed here either. Although not as drenched in teriyaki sauce as I normally enjoy, they were cooked perfectly. Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside and a sweet teriyaki coating made the second half of my dinner as enjoyable as the first half. The juxtaposition of the sauce-less Cajun spiced wings with the sweet Asian sauce of the teriyaki wings made for an amazing dinner. I have to thank my wife for the great dinner suggestion!

mmmm.... Teriyaki goodness!

If I had any knock on these wings, they were a bit small. I chowed through 22 wings in no time. That many wings is usually a struggle for me these days, but not tonight! I think Adam's challenge on Man v. Food tonight inspired me to eat them all and eat them all fast!

These wings didn't stand a chance!

My wife usually loves the buffalo chicken wrap, but tonight she was less than impressed. I think it may have had something to do with how good the wings she tried were. After dinner she said, "next time, we are just going to order some wings." Is there a better endorsement than that? My best friend and the biggest Wingmen supporter campaigning for an all wing dinner!

I am not going to say weather Man or Food won the challenge tonight, so if you missed it, check it out on re-runs! All I will say is Adam, The Wingmen salute you!

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