June 09, 2010

Top Bunz

337 New York Avenue
Huntington, NY 11743

Steve and I play on a baseball team together - yes, baseball... not softball. After having our asses handed to us by a team with an average age of 51.5, we needed to drown our sorrows in some beer soda and wings (we walked around Huntington Village at noon and none of the bars were open - weird).

After wandering around for a few minutes, we came up to Top Bunz (which used to be American Roadside Burgers). The sign on the window advertised hot wings so we decided to give it a go. It's sort of a retro, ode to the drug stores and soda fountains of the 50's and the burger definitely has top billing. We had a gut feeling and instinctively ordered the wings as a side instead of the main course. We rarely ever do that, if at all, but it ended up being the right move. I'm not saying these wings were inedible. I'm just saying that they weren't the type of wings that can stand on their own as a main course.

The full spread. The wings do not dominate this table.

The wings themselves were kind of reminiscent of something I'd expect from a TGiF or Applebee's, maybe even a Wingstreet or something like that - kind of fast food-y. They were breaded and could probably be put in the same category as 1849 or Hooters, but a few rungs down on the quality ladder.

On the positive side, they were cooked well and had a pretty good amount of meat on the bone. The sauce was a traditional hot sauce and butter mix with a nice peppery flavor. It was a tasty sauce and the wings were drowning in it.

Mmmm. Look at that pool of sauce.

Overall, I don't think this is a bad place to go grab a bite for lunch. It's definitely not a wing destination - and at over $1 per wing, they weren't a bargain either - but the burgers were ok and the rest of the food looked pretty good. If you're wandering around Huntington Station at noon on a Sunday, you could do worse than Top Bunz.

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