July 16, 2009

Brain Dempsey's

Brian Dempsey's
American Ale House
39-31 Bell Blvd.
Bayside, NY 11361

The first place we decided to go to and kick off this blog was never even in question.  It had to be Dempsey's on Bell Blvd. in Bayside, Queens.  We've been going there on wednesday nights for wing and draft specials for years, so it only made sense to start there.  I met up with my fellow wingmen, Steve and Jeremy, where we scarfed down 15 hot wings, 15 teriyaki wings and 15 BBQ wings.  

Here's what I thought:

The wings themselves were very small.  Sometimes when we go there, we joke around and rate the wings at what we perceive to be their monetary value.  It used to be 10 cents for a wing but, after the economy tanked, they were forced to raise - no, double - their prices to 20 cents per wing...still not a bad deal when you couple it with their $3 domestic drafts.  So some nights we say we're getting a 10 cent wing, some nights we're lucky enough to get 20 cent wings and sometimes we get 3 cent wings.  Tonight was a 3 cent wing night.  They were tiny.  Two bites and done.

As far as taste is concerned, it was a good night.  The hot had a good amount of flavor. Not a lot of kick, which would have made them better, but the flavor was definitely there.  The BBQ was surprisingly good.  I remember not being too crazy about them last time we had them, but this time they seemed to be the favorite of the group (I still preferred the hot). The only disappointment was the teriyaki.  I'm a little biased since I've had them before and they're usually my favorite.  Tonight they seemed to be heavier on the sugar and lighter on the salt then usual.  Teriyaki is usually a nice blend of sweet and salty, but my personal preference leans a little toward the salty side.

All-in-all, you can't go wrong with Dempsey's.  It's probably my favorite bar in Bayside and I'll definitely be back - hopefully for some salty Teriyaki wings of the 20 cent variety.

Overall Rating:

Taste/Flavor: We all agreed that the Hot Wings tasted good, the BBQ were surprisingly good and the the Teriyaki wings were a bit weak.  Dempsey's has great wings... all flavors.

Heat: The hot at Dempsey's are spicy, so if you don't like heat, order the mild.

Price:  On Wednesday's the wings are $.20 each, as compared to about $.50 each on the appetizer menu ($7.95 for about 13-15 wings).

Service: The service was great, but has been suspect in the past.

Specials: Wednesday night is $.20 Wing Night and $3.00 Domestic Pints.

Rating: 4 Stars (out of 5) because of the size of the wings and disappointing teriyaki flavor. 

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  1. Yes...first post, and first ever comment. I'm craving more wings!