July 27, 2009

Station Square, Pittsburgh

Buckhead Saloon
Station Square, Pennsylvannia
Buckhead Saloon is a typical 'Sports bar' located in the middle of Station Square, Pittsburgh, PA. The area itself is mostly bars that cater to audiences from 21 to 35 during the night time scene. Some 'Sports bars' turned into mini-clubs and attracted all the locals from the neighboring areas. Some bars, like this one, got packed.
I had the opportunity to check Buckhead's out during lunch time. They offered a variety of wings including: BBQ, Teriyaki, Mild and Hot. The hot wings lived up to their name. They were 'freakin' hot. After about 4, you broke into a sweat and your lips were burning. It was awesome. They offered four quantities: 10 pc., 20 pc., 50 pc., and 100 pc. The meat on the bone was abundant and the price was fair (7.95 for 10). The wings had a crisp to them with a moist center. Absolutely a 5 on a 1 to 5 scale. No flaws in these hot wings with the exception of the after-math. In addition, the scene was perfect for a lunch outing. Nice and quiet with just enough people around you. T.V.s all over the place with an extremely friendly staff. If you are one for more people, wait until dinner time and the place jams up. And if you don't mind trying to mingle with wingsauce on your face, wait until club hours and dance with a wing in your hand. I'm sure the locals love it.

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