October 11, 2010

The Long Room

The Long Room

The Long Room is located on 120 West 44th Street between 6th Avenue and Broadway. This place was awesome in every way. It is now on the top three replacing my past number four and five. Nice size bar, with a tremendous amount of televisions; perfect for football. I had the opportunity to celebrate my father in law's birthday in Manhattan a few weeks ago. We went to see "The Perfect Crime" and hit up the "The Long Room" for dinner afterward. Don't see the show. It was aweful. The bartender at the bar, next to the show said one of the actors in show hates the show. Others around us laughed as well since it was so true. Anyway, back to the "Long Room" The bar keeps it dim lit to almost give it a trendy appeal but the actual bar is huge and plenty of tables and t.v.'s to watch.

Now on to the food. The wings were awesome. They had the Hooters type of texture to the wings as well as the sauce flavor. If you can't get your gal to go to hooters for the wings, go to the Long Room. The meat to bone ratio was perfect along with the kick to the sauce. The difference between the two was the wing itself. They weren't as edgy as the Hooter wings. They offered the traditional flavors, BBQ, mild, medium and hot. I, of course, ordered the hot and they were nice. Nothing "hot" contest worthy, but nice. I wish I ordered more but this place is on my radar to go again. Absolutely worth it. I did, however, top the wings off with a ridiculous bacon blue cheese burger covered in tobasco sauce. This dinner absolutely destroyed me but soooooooo worth it. Next time you're in Manhattan, gonna catch a game, go to the "Long Room" and tell em the wing men sent ya!

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