January 05, 2011

Mets v. Yanks, Part 2 - Hard Rock at Yankee Stadium

Hard Rock Cafe
1 East 161st Street
Bronx, NY 10452

Now that Citi Field was on the board, it was time to check out what Yankee Stadium had to offer.  With tickets in hand, I jumped on the 4 and headed to the Bronx to meet my friend at The Stadium.  I went in with a little bit of a different strategy this time.  Instead of finding wings wherever I could, I wanted to eat wings from an establishment that was comparable to McFadden's.  There were a few places I thought I'd be able to order wings, but The Hard Rock Cafe seemed like it would be the best match-up.  I also went with a different entrance strategy.  Instead of going in before the game, I waited until after.  This had as much to do with McFadden's kitchen hours as it did with the fact that I was now watching the Bombers, not the Amazins.  I guess you have to give the Hard Rock a point there.  Being able to get wings before or after the game is a nice option.

Looks like something you'd get at a diner
The wings themselves though were unimpressive.  They had a good amount of heat, but that's about all they had going for them.  Other than that, they were kind of tough, the sauce was too thin and there weren't too many on the plate.  These fell into the "bad but they're still wings so I'm going to clean this plate" category.  I didn't hate them, but they were totally forgettable.

As much as it pains me to say it, I have to give the Mets the nod over the Yanks on this one.  Overall, they brought their A game and wanted it more.  Well, it was more like their C+ game but still, they had better wings.  Good thing the Yankees are still better at that whole baseball thing.

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