September 29, 2009

Foster's Grille

Foster's Grille
5007-E Westone Plaza Dr.
Chantilly, VA 20151

In late September I ventured down to my brother's house in Centreville, VA to meet up with a bunch of his friends from college. We still all get together to play a version of fantasy football called Strat-O-Matic Football. It is hard to explain, but think about it this way... Dungeons and Dragons for sports nerds, but instead of Funions and Mountain Dew, we have wings, chili and beer. Yes, let the sarcastic comments commence. Are we done? Ok, now I'll review the wings.

We ordered take out from Foster's, which my brother and his wife have been to before and had enjoyed the food. The first knock on the place was the cost of the wings. They were $00.72 a piece! Fifty wings for over $36.00!!! That is way too much money. But we ordered 50 anyhow and hoped that the flavor would over-power the hole in my brother's wallet (Mikey, who is from Pittsburgh, had already left and taken my wallet with him, so I was penny-less and Jeff had to pay for the wings). Heather, Jeff's wife went to pick up the wings and brought them back. She also took the above picture, Thanks Heather!

So, Jeff, Heather, Matt, Zak and I decided that we would get 30 hot and 20 BBQ wings. When they arrived, we all sat down and started in on the hot. I don't know if they lost their crisp in the Styrofoam container, but they just had very little crunch to them and we all noticed. Things do tend to get soggy when taken "to go," so I will not say that this was their fault, but, however, they were not hot at all, and that is their fault! I was very clear that I wanted HOT wings on the phone, not mild, but they were very mild. They tasted good, but I wanted my mouth to burn a bit and to possibly break a sweat. These did neither. Overall, the hot wings were quite a disappointment.

The BBQ on the other hand, although also soggy, tasted amazing. The BBQ sauce was flavorful, tangy and really complimented the wings quite well. In fact, I think it is safe to say that the BBQ was everyone's favorites. The wings were a good size, cooked well and left you needing a wetnap.

So, to finish this mini-review, I'd go back to Foster's for the wings to try them in the restaurant. Ordering "to go" may not have been the best option. I will definitely get the BBQ again and may shy away from the Hot. Where is the fun in hot wings that are not hot? So if you are in the Chantilly area of Virginia and you have a lot of money to spend on wings, head on it to Foster's.

Oh... A Foster's just opened up in Nesconset, NY. So a follow up review may have to be put on the Wingmen Agenda!

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