September 12, 2009


8211 Eliot Ave
Flushing, NY 11379-1436
(718) 476-8444‎

There are many ways to rate hot wings, and as far as taste goes, Kelly's has pretty good wings. They were cooked well, spiced ok and tasted good. Here is the problem, the review does not end just there. But before I go any further, let me tell you a bit more about Kelly's.

When Jeremy lived in Middle Village, we used to go there quite often. We would go after baseball games, meet up for a drink or head there for dinner. Up until last week, I had never tried the wings. The place is a local hangout and I have never seen it too packed, but always has a nice crowd. The people who work there have always been pleasant and helpful.

Jeremy moved a while ago and I had not been back since. The place was completely different. They renovated, created an outdoor patio in the back and made the bar area much larger. They updated the jukebox and added darts, which turned into a long game of Assassins, Jody can explain the rules to you, since, for the life of me, I can't remember them.

Now that you have an idea of what Kelly's is like, let's begin the review. Kelly's has $.20 wing night on Wednesdays, so we ordered 40 and the three of us began eating. The wings were cooked well. They were pretty crispy, cooked all the way through and juicy on the inside. Kelly's has Mild, Medium and Hot wings. As we were discussing the heat level, the bartender chimed in with "the hot is not very hot," so we ordered them all hot and he was right. They had a nice flavor and were a bit spicy, but I was disappointed with the heat level. I do fear that if they made them hotter, they would have tasted a lot worse, but that is just me.

The bad part of the review. I don't know if they were bad wings, or if they were cooked with way too much butter, but a few hours after consumption of these wings, they turned on me. Without getting graphic, I'll just say that the after affects of the wings were not what I would have wanted and I need to warn all of you about it. That, combined with the weakness of the spice and the mediocre taste makes these wings quite pedestrian.

I definitely do not suggest heading to Kelly's for the wings. I do, however, suggest going there to grab a beer and eat a burger. Sorry Kelly's, I suggest rethinking your wing recipe.

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  1. I'd have to agree. I thought the wings weren't too bad, but definitely forgettable. I had a few that tasted over-cooked, but not crispy. Maybe their oil isn't hot enough or something.

    I did have a great time playing assassin though. We definitely need another game. The night was a little fuzzy, but I won right? The hijinx with Jeremy's poster were a ton of fun too. All in all, great night...mediocre wings.