May 31, 2010

Grilled Hot Wings with Wingredient Sauce

Grilled Hot Wings on the Barbecue
Featuring: Wingredient Hot and Mild Sauces
Award Winning Sauce for Buffalo Wings

It's Memorial Day and I am going to a BBQ later in the day, so I decided to make my own wings for lunch. I surfed the internet for a few recipes, but then remembered that Bryan Deats, the maker of Wingredient Sauces and fellow Wingman, sent some samples of his Hot and Mild sauces a few months back. I have been sitting on them for a while now and decided that I would give his sauces a try. What can be better than hot wings fresh off the barbecue and a beer on Memorial Day? Not much, I tell you, not much.

I grabbed some raw wings, a bit of flour, some celery and Bryan's sauces and headed out to the barbecue. I started by putting two small trays on the grill and put the hot sauce in one of them and the mild in the other. Once they were simmering, I added 7 raw, floured wings to each tray. After they simmered in the sauce for about 10 minutes, I transferred them to the grill at medium heat. I cooked them for a while on each side and dipped them again into the sauce trays. I put them back on the grill until they were crispy and a bit charred on the outside, then I plated them.

They were smoking hot, so I added the celery, opened a beer and gave them a minute to cool off a bit. They smelled delicious. The smell of spice coming off them actually made me tear a bit when the smoke from the barbecue got in my eyes and when I sat in front of my plate and took a sniff, my nose began to run. I couldn't wait to dig in and see what Wingredient Sauce tasted like.

Wingredient has to be one of the tastiest sauces I have ever tried. I will be honest, other than a bit of red pepper, cayenne, and a few other easily recognizable spices, I am not sure what Bryan uses to make his sauces. They were samples, so they did not have ingredient labels on them. But I really don't care, the careful mixture of flavors and spices are very well done. The sauce has the perfect consistency, stuck to the wing perfectly and coated your fingers quite well. Finger licking good is an understatement. After eating a few hot wings, I did not have any idea if I were eating the hot or mild sauce because my mouth was burning and nose was running. I also didn't care, they both were good enough for it to not matter. They weren't prohibitively hot, so finishing all fourteen wings was no problem.

I suggest becoming a fan or someone who "likes" Wingredient on Facebook. Bryan makes a few batches of his wing sauce a year and sends them out to interested wing enthusiasts. Thank you Bryan Deats for the amazing sauce! I can see why you have won awards for your hard work. Delicious.

I also have to say thank you to everyone who has or is currently serving our country! Come home safe and Happy Memorial Day! The Wingmen salute you!

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