July 06, 2010

SELL OUT with The Wingmen

"Sell out. With me, oh yeah. Sell out. With me tonight.
The record company's gonna give me lots of money
and every thing's gonna be alright."

By now you may have started noticing some changes to our site. The rumors are true, we've sold out. Caved to The Man. Given in to corporate America. Succumbed to The Machine. We're now a link in the chain, just another brick in the wall.

Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit. Although the cliches are a bit over the top, we have, in fact, signed on with a food blogging network. The Wingmen blog is now a part of the foodbuzz featured publishers program. Foodbuzz is a food blogging community that partners with small blogs like ours and helps them reach a larger audience while providing revenue sharing through like minded advertising - or something like that. We're really excited for this new opportunity and wish to thank all of our loyal readers. Without the traffic to the site, we would not have been accepted into the program. So please continue reading and, if you really like us, don't forget to click on the ads every once in a while. I think we get like 3¢ for every bajillion clicks (give or take), so maybe after a few years we'll be able to take a few of you out for some wings on us!

We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming.

*Note to Reel Big Fish: Please don't sue us for using your video. We'll take it down as soon as we receive your cease and desist letter. Yours truly, The Wingmen.

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