August 23, 2010

Redemption Grill

1003 2nd Ave (@53rd St.)
New York, NY 10022
I was hanging out with my wife, daughter and buddy (BJ) on Saturday and we stopped at Redemption Grill for a bite, al fresco.  I've been craving wings lately and was happy to see them as part of the brunch menu, so I got an order.  

You can almost see the sweetness
in the photo.
There's really no need to go into a ton of detail on these.  They may have been the worst I've ever eaten.  If I had to choose between these and Johnny Famous wings, I'd take Johnny Famous every time.  They were just generic, probably frozen wings soaked in an unbearably sweet sauce.  It was another one of the now infamous ketchup based sauces, but sweeter than any of them I've had so far.

I ate one of these as well.  It was the
best thing I ate all day.
The bleu cheese was actually pretty good, and my wife like her sandwich (It was some kind of turkey club).  The rest of the menu looked interesting (Mexican fusion?) so I'm not going to say that you should stay clear of this place totally, but definitely skip the wings.  BJ ordered the Buffalo chicken sandwich which was made with the same sauce.  He was also not a fan.  My daughter, Gianna-Rose, had an uncrustable peanut butter and jelly sandwich which is always excellent, but not on the menu - we brought it from home.

On weekends they have a brunch special from 11:30am - 5pm.  You get your choice of a meal plus three cocktails for $20.  Not a bad deal considering it would normally cost close to that for the drinks alone.  The service was pleasant and people watching on 2nd Ave. is fun.  I'd go back and give it another shot, but I'm not going near the wings.

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