August 30, 2010


380 Larkfield Road
East Northport, NY 11731

Running errands a few weekends ago, I was heading down Larkfield Road in East Northport on my way to Commack and saw Smok-a-Burger's and decided to stop for a quick lunch.  It's a small roadside burger joint with a solid menu.  Lots of burger choices and loads of sides as well as quesadillas, starters, sandwiches, wraps, salads and drinks (soft drinks and beer).  They also have desserts and milk shakes... mmmm.

The wing menu was pretty impressive too.  They offer BBQ, Buffalo, Blazin', Sweet Chili and Bourbon.  Only having appetite for one order of wings with my burger, I could only try one flavor and choosing was going to be difficult.  I wished I had a big spinning wheel with all the flavors on it so I did not have to choose, but after some real soul searching, the Sweet Chili called to me.  It was a flavor I have not seen on many menus, so I decided to give it a whirl.  My burger on the other hand was much easier to choose and dress up.  I grabbed a single patty with American cheese, tomato, jalapenos and ancho chipotle sauce.  I was stoked for both of my choices!

(tear)... they look so beautiful together!

How were the wings?  Well... They were awesome!  The sweet chili sauce was, as the name suggests, sweet and tangy with a tiny bite to it.  The wings were not very crispy, but were juicy, pretty big and delicious.  I was fascinated by the arrangement of flavors, so I asked the server how it was made and he said they buy it "pre-made," and that it is very similar to a "duck sauce."  Duck sauce is made from fruits (like apples, pears, plums) apple juice, garlic, mustard powder and a few other ingredients.  I could taste the fruit, although this seemed to have a bit more citrus to it and the chunks of chili peppers in there is what gave the wings their little bit of spiciness.  They were very tropical in flavor, in fact, they reminded me of wings I used to eat weekly when I lived in the Cayman Islands.  On Grand cayman, there is a bar called The Wreck Bar in Rum Point and their wings were amazing.  Ahhh... nostalgia. 

The Wreck Bar, Rum Point, Grand Cayman

How was the burger?  Also quite good.  Cooked well and big for a cheeseburger that cost me $3.89.  The spicy flavors of the jalapenos and ancho chipotle sauce were a perfect compliment to the sweet wings I had just devoured. 

From what I can tell from the limited menu items I sampled, Smok-a-Burger's has really good food.  It comes out fast, hot and tasty.  The Sweet Chili wings are Wingmen approved, but because there are so many other wing flavors on the menu, another trip (or 2) for the Wingmen will be necessary.  I guess I will just have to take one for the team and go back again and again.  Don't feel bad for me, it's my job.

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