March 30, 2010

C.J. Sullivan's

213-10 41st Ave.
Bayside, NY 11361


  1. So... for our first video post, I have to say, not too bad. Well, the post was not that bad, the wings, well, they were horrible.

    The double crispy wings were like eating just the burnt skin of a chicken stretched onto a bone. There was nothing to them, no meat at all. The hot were boring, poorly cooked and just plain bad.

    Normally, I would give a place a second chance, maybe it was busy and they had to rush our order or something like that, but we were the only 3 people in the place... these should have been edible Buffalo Wing Gold!

    As i said in the video, disappointing.

    More video posts will be coming and the quality will be improving. We are just getting started folks!

  2. you know, I was actually thinking sort of the opposite. maybe since it was so dead, they didn't even have any food ready to go. maybe they just grabbed those off the floor or pulled them out of the garbage and threw them in the deep fryer. it's no excuse, but at least it may explain those awful scraps we got.

    have we really never eaten wings there before? we've been there many times before mets games or after mensches games and I know we've eaten there. It wouldn't be like us to not order wings, but I think I'd remember wings that bad.