March 30, 2010

Local Bar and Grill

39-24 Bell Blvd.
Bayside, NY 11361


  1. There are no words to describe how hard i laughed at that editing job!

    We need to have that "beeeeep" in every video where someone curses... or just every video.

    Local was a solid place. It is relatively new to Bell Blvd. and seems like it will do well. If it adopts a good wing night promotion and it may just rival Dempsey's.

  2. yeah, I kind of liked this place all-round. it had a cool vibe and, of course, good wings never hurt. it wasn't empty, but far from packed. I think you're right Steve. If this place makes it past the initial growing pains that every start-up goes through, it could turn into a pretty popular place.